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Hand-Sculpted, Hand-Rolled Beaded Bracelet



standard 7” length; please specify if you’d prefer 6.5” or 7.5”

available in child sizes for Mona, Annie, Kimberly, Tatiana, Lucy.

We string these with or without a cross charm positioned in the top center; please specify your preference

We happily add a “feed” “pray” or “love” charm. Please specify.



When we first conceived the idea to start a line of accessories to help move our bakery projects in Rwanda forward, we knew that the main priority was to give steady work to the many women in rural communities who lack opportunity for meaningful, dignified work otherwise. Believing that a simple, handmade bracelet could be one way to get this mission started and connect the sisterhood, we designed the most labor-intensive bracelet imaginable. The women needed labor-intensive work. They needed to make the actual beads. We use colored artist clay, often combining two or three, or four or five, differently pigmented clays into a single bead. After each bead is hand-sculpted, it is hand-rolled into the most perfect sphere possible. We purchased a special oven for bead baking and built out a work room. With plenty of natural sunlight and fresh air, the artisans work cheerfully and comfortably. Each artisan’s fingerprints, embedded into the clay, connect maker with receiver.

Choose from amongst these color combinations:

“Annie”: lime green + white; “Brett”: turquoise + white; “Carolina”: royal blue + white;

“Caroline”: orange + white; “Deborah”: black + tan + white; “Diana”: yellow + white;

“Eli”: purple + lavender + tan; “Irit”: black + grey + white; “Jenny”: brown + tan + ivory; 

“Kimberly”: turquoise + pink + yellow; “Leslie”: white only; “Lisa”: purple + lavender+ wasabi;

“Lucy”: orange + pink + white; “Mona”: pink + tan + gold; “Paula”: pink + white; “Peggy”: red + white; 

“Tatiana”: green + orange + white 

We happily string bracelets in bead color combinations of your choice for a lovely custom bracelet made just for you! We also fulfill large wholesale orders designed for sororities, clubs, groups, non-profits and other organizations that desire to wear their group’s colors with a “purchase with purpose.”

Additional information

Bracelet Design

Annie, Brett, Carolina, Caroline, Deborah, Diana, Eli, Irit, Jenny, Kimberly, Leslie, Lisa, Lucy, Mona, Paula, Peggy, Tatiana

Bracelet Size

Child — 5", X-Small – 6", Small – 6.5", Medium – 7", Large – 7.5"


With Cross, Without Cross

Return Policy

We want you to be extremely happy with your purchase from flourFLOWER. If for any reason you are not, kindly return the item for a full refund. (NOTE: We cannot refund shipping & handling charges.) If you would like us to re-string a bracelet for you in a slightly smaller or slightly larger size, please send us back the original and we will try to make it perfect for you. Kindly remember that we are “small batch,” so once we run out of a specific fabric, or machine-made bead, we likely cannot purchase it again. But we will do our very best to make you a happy customer. No questions asked. 100% guarantee. That’s how we roll.