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The Palm Beach Bangle: Multi



7” standard length

Made with 6 beads of your choice

Available in a variety of bead colors, including: bright white, off-white, marbleized horn, pastel pink, hot pink, light orange, dark orange, pastel yellow, sky blue, turquoise, royal blue, lime green, dark green, tortoise shell, black, silver, and gold


These bracelets join the chorus of the current tube bead craze and give homage to our U.S. headquarters in Palm Beach. When we realized the wide variety of color options, and the fact that they look fabulous stacked with our other offerings, we just could not resist adding them to our collection. We stay true to our signature palette, and mostly offer them in bright, happy snappy colors. But we will gladly custom make them for you as well.  Just let us know in a private note with your order. We also do large wholesale orders for colleges and universities, schools, sororities and other groups to both fundraise and increase social awareness of our sisters living on the other side of the world. Our efforts all lead to fighting daily hunger and food insecurity. Profits build bakeries in rural Rwanda. One size fits all.

Return Policy

We want you to be extremely happy with your purchase from flourFLOWER. If for any reason you are not, kindly return the item for a full refund. (NOTE: We cannot refund shipping & handling charges.) If you would like us to re-string a bracelet for you in a slightly smaller or slightly larger size, please send us back the original and we will try to make it perfect for you. Kindly remember that we are “small batch,” so once we run out of a specific fabric, or machine-made bead, we likely cannot purchase it again. But we will do our very best to make you a happy customer. No questions asked. 100% guarantee. That’s how we roll.